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By Gert de Vries
#76379 I programmed two ESP's (esp-7 and esp-12) for wifi interaction and deep sleep without connecting GPIO15 to GND. This worked fine. And they still do. A third module (esp-12) did not. Why?
Is it necessary to use a resistor or can GPIO15 directly be tied to GND, if not used.
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By btidey
#76386 Normally one puts a medium value pull down (~4k7) on GPIO15 to GND to ensure it is correct 0 state at boot to get normal run mode. Although it is possible to skip the resistor and tie direct to GND this is not very good practice as a program could set GPIO15 to output and set it high. I know people will say I won't do that but mistakes can be made.
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By rudy
#76391 Shorting 15 to and is not a good idea. On most of my boards I have an led on 15 and it will often be on when in bootloader. (don't know why)