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By taelonious
#79432 Howdy,

I'll try and make as much sense as I can.

I'm trying to talk to the ESP with an FTDI through a logic level shifter. I'm using a LD33V to power the 3.3V side of the level shifter and ESP. Everything seems wired properly, power and signal are going through as they should from what I can tell from measuring.

When in Tera Term and I reset the ESP via the 3.3V and EN pins, it spits out the garbage to the console, but if I try to type "AT" into the console, nothing happens. The cursor will just sit and flash, sometimes freezing after enter is pressed. In examples I've seen with Tera Term, the baud rate is shown in the top of the window. I'm not sure if that's a version thing, but I don't see that in my window. The baud is set to 9600 when I start the connection.

When reset, the ESP will flash once. I'm not sure if it's supposed to keep flashing, and have read that it might not be getting the power it needs.

Overall, I'm pretty stumped. Any help is appreciated!
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By QuickFix
#79451 First: What ESP8266 are you using? (if it's a module, please read my signature below)
From memory, by default AT firmware works at 115200 Baud, though I'm not absolutely sure.
Set the baud rate to 74880 baud (this is not a typo), reset the ESP and copy/paste the output here when you're still at a loss. :idea: