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By srinpraveen
#83736 Hi all.
I am an absolute newbie to ESP8266. I have a Wemos D1 Mini obtained from Amazon. Regular sketches seems to work well (eg. LED blink). But the moment I start uploading wifi sketches, the sketch gets uploaded but in the serial monitor there is no indication of a successful wifi connection. It initially prints some junk and subsequently just says connecting to SSID... and is in an endless loop. I am wondering if I am missing anything here. Baud rates are matched up in device manager, sketch and serial monitor, all libraries and dependencies are installed. In my opinion, everything has been done correctly upto this point. I am stumped.

Here is a link to a screen capture image of my serial monitor.

Below is an explanation of the constant values that I could find for wifi status and using this to map out to the image from the serial monitor, it looks like it is WL_Disconnected was asserted initially and then followed by WL_NO_SSID_AVAIL.

Has anybody encountered a similar problem to this? Kindly help me out as I am stranded at this point.

WL_NO_SHIELD = 255, // for compatibility with WiFi Shield library
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By srinpraveen
#83752 Guys we can close this thread. It turned out that it was the simplest of mistakes. The ssid of my router when first configured many many years ago had a trailing whitespace at the end of the ssid string. I was not aware of this till now. I would like to kick myself for my years of ignorance. Now it seems to work very well and the wifi connection is stable.