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By ZeroCool21
#83882 Hi there,

I've some code that's running on a ESP8266 NodeMPU, that looks to do humidity / temp monitoring and some calculations on those figures in an outside greenhouse (UK). Long term it's aimed to do some funky things, but I'm struggling with basic "stability" at the moment, and would love some input. (AM2302 sensor)

At present the code for monitoring seems to work at least, and I'm getting temp and humidity readings and i can view resulting charts in an app in Blynk.

But at random periods - 2 to 12 hours - it still seems to be connected to Blynk, but readings have just stop.

Unplugging GND on the board (or other jump cables), and plugging back in, seems to restart the appearance of data in Blynk.

Googling seems to point to perhaps power issues or fluctuations? So I've bought a 1000uf 16v capacitor, a 0.1uf ceramic disk capacitor (104) 25v and HT7333-A and tried to arrange like the below based on what i read / viewed.

Again, post the changes - it all still works. But I'm still getting breaks in the data, so love so input on if I've done those correctly, and other things that i can look at:




Typical break in the graph looks like:


Thanks in advance for any input and suggestions - hardware / software or otherwise. Also open to any work around that might auto restart the connection, although rather fix underlying issue.