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By jptrol
#85368 Hello,

My project is downright simple : create an onboard standalone system to multicast text data (NMEA in fact) from an Arduino-based multiplexer through WiFi to :
  1. a PC application,
  2. an Android tablet,
  3. an ESP8266-based repeater

I thought it was the vocation of an AP to fulfill this mission and I am surprised to read that : "The WiFiUDP class supports sending and receiving multicast packets on STA interface." This is to be found here :

I understand with that : The WiFiUDP class DOES NOT support sending and receiving multicast packets on AP interface." Thus so far I have just been able to make the multiplexer work, create a softAP with an ESP8266 and send the same UNICAST packets to each receiver in turn, which is not acceptable from a performance point of view.

I learn I can define a STATION + AP mode , but then how do I proceed to send the data through the STA interface ? Knowing that the STATION cannot connect to another network than the one created in AP mode ?

Thank you for your help.
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By jptrol
#85470 Hello,

I think that the lack of interest raised by my question is due to the fact that it is too simple !

I solved my problem just creating a STA + AP mode and after connecting as a client to the AP I receive multicast data through the STA interface of the server.
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By gibo77
#85790 Thanks for posting a resolution.

I am also in the same boat. All along I really thought that when in AP or even AP+STA mode, the ESP8266 can not do any UDP Multicast functions. I read somewhere.

I will try your resolution and I will let you know.

Thanks again! :) :) :)
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By gibo77
#85791 UPDATE:
I found out that for my application, I have to send the SSID and Password data via SoftAP. Since UDP does not work in SoftAP channel, I am forced to do TCP to send credentials. My application is an Out of the Box initial configuration to make ESP8266 connected to Router, like a WifiManager library. After I am connected to the Router, I can do TCP or UDP on the STA mode. I will disconnected AP interface since I don't need it anymore. I don't want my device to be always coming out in Wifi searches.
I just do not want to use WifiManager library, since I have to make my own graphics feel in my App.

Thanks for opening this discussion.

I made it to work in my own design!