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By rjalex
#85678 Dear friends,
it was so hard to get any sketch onto this board.

The only solution, after having loaded the CH340 driver for MacOS, the ESP8266 library in Arduino IDE etc etc, was to find I have to connect GPIO3 and 8 to GND. Then and only then the sketches get loaded in this damn board :(

Is this a bug or a feature?
Do I heve to remove the jumpers after I loaded the skect?
The blink demo sketch works.

I woud now really need help to achieve 2 goals on this board

1) Load a sketch to monitor temp and humidity via a DHT11 sensor (and for now just see some println in the serial Monitor)

2) Install TASMOTA on the board. Is this even possible? Tried following guides but not understanding if and how.

another few related question:

a) on Arduino IDE I choose the "LOLIN WEMOS D1 R2 & Mini" board, is this the right one?
b) what seems to work for me is 1) flash sketch with GPIO3 and 8 on GND then remove the jumpers. If I do not remove them when I give again power to the board again the sketch does not resume. Every time I need to send a sketch it seems I must jumper G( and 3 .... is it normal?

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By rudy
I have to connect GPIO3 and 8 to GND

GPIO8 is not an available pin, so please check over the actual pins you are using. I prefer the GPIO names for the pins, but there are also Dx designations that do not match the GPIOx ones.