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By rjalex
#85689 Dear friends,
I just started and lost quite a few hours of sleep to start understanding this fascinating world of sensors and boards.
Phase 0 :)
I have started with a NodeMCU Amica board lent by a friend along with what he called a DHT22 Hum/Temp sensor and learned how to program them with Arduino IDE and then flashed it with Tasmota and had a setup sending the readings to a Mosquitto MQTT broker. Only two real problem with this was despite trying with 10k and 4.7k pullup resistors the Hum reading stayed at 1% (unless I breathed directly on it shooting up). Found many posts with same problem and nobody really solving them. The second is that I found 4 and 3 pin schematics for the DHT22 and sometimes Vcc,Sig and Gnd did not always stay in the same place. I whish the pins had a little marking to their nature :)
Phase 1
Installed in its docker on a working RPi4. Used its own Mosquitto broker to pick up the above mentioned board. Somehow managed to see them but then they disappeared while an unuseful Sony TV kept infesting my panel. So for now back to basics.

What is a cheap but well supported board, that will work well and be identifiable in Arduino IDE, with robust libraries that could connect with my home WiFi to keep experimenting/learning with senors in the house?

I have an Arduino UNO bought with an Elegoo experiment kit and have bought a Wemos ESP-32S (got crazy before I learned I must keep the Boot button pressed to flash it) and a Wemos D1 R2 that I am returning since it seems defective.

Thank you for your suggestions.