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By coreywi
#86189 Thanks for the extra details. However, still no luck.

I used the 1.6 AT NoOS zip file, and I followed Section 1.2.4 in the documentation (I have 8Mbit flash). There still were some choices to make for the bin file - there were multiple versions of 'boot' and 'esp_init_data_default'. I chose the highest version number for both.

I used the load addresses from section 1.2.4 and the flash was successful. No errors. When I reset the -01, I see activity on the serial port, but it still does not respond with 'ready' like my other non-flashed -01's do. I am not able to run AT commands. I am able to flash simple scripts to the -01, so I know I have all the wiring correct.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated.
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By JurajA
coreywi wrote:Yes, to both questions. DIO SPI mode and GPIO2 pin pulled HIGH. I assume I wold not have been able to load any firmware with the ESP8266 Download Tool if I had not set these correctly...?
Thanks for the help.

you would.
and the powering?