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By Alex Arrow
#86302 hello everybody
i'm kind of new to programing trying to connect esp8266 to bleb can't figure out the problem
gear Wemos d1 r1 and bynk app

so followed the regular procedure uploaded the code & token provided via blynk examplels enters the commands in the terminal

location /documents/arduino/libraries/ downloaded brew /socat inserted the prt number and i get this message which says its trying to connect which seems to be on the right path but it stays there without connecting what could be the problem?
2020/04/01 22:25:24 socat[4101] N SSL connection compression "none"
2020/04/01 22:25:24 socat[4101] N SSL connection expansion "none"
2020/04/01 22:25:24 socat[4101] N starting data transfer loop with FDs [5,5] and [8,8]