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By YDariusZ
#86700 Hi,
I am working with an ESP for my master thesis and have beforehand not coded much and also never worked with an ESP before.

I want to send a get message out with the ESP, for that I was using the ESP8266HTTPClient Library, but I can't seem to add parameters to
Code: Select allhttp.get()
. I can easily add parameters with a post request, but a get would be better for my thesis, which is what I'm struggling right now with.

So my questions are:
1) is it possible to send GET messages out from an ESP8266 with parameters, especially with the ESP8266HTTPClient Library?
2) How do I add more than one parameter? Would it just be
Code: Select allhttp.get(var1=1&var2=b)

Thank you for looking at my post here, I hope you can help!