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By freddy-a
#87419 Hi all,

I have a solar inverter that my phone can connect with via bluetooth. But the inverter doesn't have wifi functionality.

I am wondering, would it be possible to use a Wemos D1 mini pro to act like a 'brigdge' between my network and the solar inverter? I only wan to read some values and be able to display them in HTML and / or store them on SD.

I'd have to figure out the commands / codes between the app on my phone and the inverter. Could I 'eavesdrop' this communication with the Wemos?

Why a Wemos? No particular reason, I just happen to have some of them. ;-) I also have some ESP32-CAMs, so I could use those as well.

Any place I could check for this kind of bluetooth info?
I know arduino / ESP2866, but I'm completely new to bluetooth.

Thanks in advance!