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By NewbieESP8266
#88842 Hi all, I need to form a mesh network for which I am searching a right WiFi device. I got to know about ESP-01 and ESP-12E.

My question is is it possible to form a mesh network using ESP-01? I found board manager for ESP-12E for Arduino IDE with ESP8266WiFiMesh example. Is it possible by ESP-01 which uses AT Firmware to communicate?
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By QuickFix
#88858 I've looked at this topic a long time ago, but haven't actually experimented with it.

Theoretically it should be possible, since all ESP modules are identical, apart from amount of flash memory and, of course, the number of available pins to the outside world (4 on the ESP-01 and 11 on the ESP-12).

The thing you have to watch out for is the needed flash memory: an ESP-12 typically has between 1MiB and 4MiB of flash available, whereas an ESP-01 can have between 512kiB and 1MiB, so be sure you pick a module that has more memory available than needed.