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By TomL12953
#92035 I'm trying to update my ESP-01 to firmware v1.7.4. I have the ESP Flash Download Tool and the device below:

Here's my device info:
Code: Select allflash vendor:
20h : N/A
flash devID:
26 Mhz

My problem is I don't know what addresses to load each firmware file (there are several but blank.bin is loaded more than once)

I've tried the examples in the Quick Start Guide but when I return the switch on the dongle to UART mode, and fire up my terminal (TeraTerm) all I get is a never-ending stream of garbage. Can anyone help me update the firmware? At least let me know the addresses for a 32Mbit device. Are the addresses the same as the 32Mbit-C1? If so then there's something else wrong since I tried those and still got the garbage.