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By WiFiman
#92413 I was replacing my 4 pin OLED display with a 8 pin 0.96" TFT ST7735S display to be able to show coloured images. However I'm not able to found out how to connect it to the NodeMCU V3.

When I look at bigger displays it looks like this:

    From display - to NodeMCU:
    GND - GND
    VCC & BLK (optional) - 3V3,
    SCL - D5
    SDA - D7
    RES - D2
    DC - D1
    CS - D8

Is this the right way? Second question: do I need to declare the pins when starting to code in Arduino?
For now i want the most simple program to show just a line or some text on screen.

Thanks in advance. Any help will be appreciated.