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By turbotopo
#92441 hi,
I have setup an esp8266 with an ultrasonic ANGEEK JSN-SR04T to detect the amount of available water.
The problem is inside the cistern there is no wifi-connection possible. I have to find another solution to connect to the sensor.

1. is it possible to extend the cable of the sensor about 10meters? This is the distance through the pipes out of the cistern to a place where wifi would be available. If yes, i would only put the sensor in the cistern and put the esp8266 10m away.

2. route the wifi-signals through cable (again 10m) out of the cistern and send it over wifi again to the network.

or are there any other ideas?

best Regards
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By btidey
#92477 I haven't used this sensor but users report that trying to extend the cable between the amplifier board and the sensor (2.5m) does not work well. This is a relatively high impedance interface running at 40KHz.

I think you will be better finding a waterproof enclosure for the amplifier so you can use the supplied sensor cable. The 4 wires needed from the amplifier board back to the processing module will be much less problematic and 10 metres should be easy to achieve. The power to the amplifier is only 8mA so voltage drop won't be a problem and the 2 signal wires are at logic levels.
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By Pablo2048
#92478 JSN-SR04T module has 3 modes of operation. Just don't use the (stupid) default mode 1, solder one resistor to switch working mode to mode 3 and you have serial line which can be converted to RS485/RS232 with extended cable lengths. (Datasheet of how to change the mode is for example here ... utmode.pdf )