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By LewinskyS
#92676 Not sure what the term is that I am looking for so any guidance can help.
I have a device that when it runs a cycle, it builds a text file on a USB Flash drive, line by line as the cycle progresses.
This continues until the cycle completes , then the flash drive can be pulled out and read in a PC.
I would like to first make a direct connection with a cable/device that will, replace the flash drive and automatically push the incremental data to my PC, without the need to move any flash drive.
After this is completed I would advance it to be a wireless/Bluetooth connection, but that is down the road.
SO a few items Id like to understand, When a flash drive is used in that setup, it is a "CLIENT"? And then when the data is being sent to the PC, it then is needed to be a HOST?
Is there a current project that is what I am looking for that anyone knows of?
ANY info to help me in the right direction would help.
Which device would be the best to initially start with, Arduino? ESP8266, ESP32? rasp-Pi? or other?
modules required for this implimentation?
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By QuickFix
#92690 Didn't you also ask this question 6 weeks ago?
Were the given answers not helping enough?
Why are you starting a new thread instead of just continuing on that other thread if you didn't get a satisfactory response?
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By LewinskyS
#92691 I am sorry. I guess I forgot that I asked it previously.
I didnt get the email notifications. I now see the replies on that thread. :shock: