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By Rodi
#92931 Hi everyone! Sorry to ask this question, already seen in the forum, but I'm having trouble connecting my Nodemcu esp8266 board with the enc28j60 ethernet module. There is no way I can make it go.

If someone can give me a hand or tell me where I can find information I would appreciate it.

Thank you very much and greetings!!
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By JurajA
#93045 what problem do you have? many did it. me too.
what framework and what library do you use?

I maintain the old Arduino UIPEthernet library and I created the EthernetENC library. I tested both with esp8266 and I have feedback from others which use enc28j60 with esp8266.
Additionally the esp8266 Arduino core has now a enc28j60 library which works as network interface for the WiFi library. I tested it too
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By Shad
#93782 I'm currently using UIPEthernet library on a 8266 D1 Mini clone with an ENC28j60.

I found elsewhere that the problem was with how the ENC28J60 keeps the CS line high during boot, but the ESP8266 needs GPIO15 low during boot, so never really works. I moved CS to GPIO16, then use Ethernet.init(16); right before Ethernet.begin(...); to tell the library where the CS pin is... after that, works like a champ.