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By suhaasal
#93419 Hello, I am a medical student with zero experience with Arduino or microelectronics.
I am planning to use a smart weight scale, Tanita BC-601 for patient weight analysis
The device is this:
The device outputs a .CSV file containing patient data to the SD card in its slot.
It only powers the SD card module during read and write periods.
I wish to use Arduino to retrieve this data from the SD card module, and host the data on the local Wi-fi network.
I purchased an Arduino Uno, two ESP-8266 modules (one for retrieving of the data from the SD card module, one for acting as a flash storage for Arduino) and a Wi-fi module (not ethernet shield)
I have no idea how to plan this.
I would very much appreciate if someone could help me with this (wiring, code etc.) or if it is possible.
Thanks in advance
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By rpiloverbd
#93428 Hello, I was wondering.... is it really necessary to use all of these mentioned components? I think this project can be done using an ESP8266 only, as it is a standalone wifi module. However, maybe I am missing something. I think at first you must make sure that you can access the Tanita BC-601's SD card data through an arduino. Arduino has a library for SD cards. By using an SD card breakout board and connecting the VCC,GND,SCK,MISO,MOSI, RST pins we can access the files of an SD card by Arduino using SD.h library. Can you access the tanita weight scale's SD card this way?