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By HappyKumquat
#95040 Hello to everybody!

I started my first project with the ESP8266.

In short:
6 times the D1 Mini combined with an DHT22 shield and battery module
(from onlineshop)
All were flashed with - ESP_Easy_mega_20220616_normal_ESP8266_4M1M
All are accessibale with the browser
For all I were able to set the DHT22 and basic config
At the moment all ESPs are powered by different power adapters.

Beyond the correct measured temperature and humidty I got some wrong data by the ESPs. Sometimes and irregular there is data submitted with a value of 25.5 - each for the humidity and/or for the temperature.
For reference - I*ve uploaded two pictures of the transmitted data to thingspeak.

At this point I must admit, that I*ve connected the DHT22 from the GPIO-2 D4 to GPIO-0 D3. I had some issues with my first attempt and got no data. Since I*ve read, that the connection of the DHT to the GPIO-2 can lend to issues I*ve changed the connection to GPIO-0. It wasn't specified to which GPIO I should connect the sensor to.
Maybe this is causing the issue? If so - what might be a good choice for a proper GPIO? With regard to the fact that I may want to add more shields?
Or should I search for another reason, why there is this kind of wrong data occuring.

The wrong numbers are given by all of the modules. So - I think the hardware works fine and this is a general failure or more of a missconception by myself.

Thank you in advance for every hint and idea!
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By rooppoorali
#95053 Have you cross-checked your DHT22 sensor with an Arduino UNO? If not, I request you to do that. You can follow this tutorial for cross-checking: ... ino-15b013

If you need some more relevant info regarding the DHT22, you can see here: ... dht22.html
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By HappyKumquat
#95056 Hi rooppoorali,

thank you for your response.

At the moment I don't own an arduino. I've started with several raspberrys and switched for the esp d1 mini for this project. It's intended that I install some instance of iobroker or similar on an synology nas and collect the data from the different esp sensors there.

Due to the fact that I've checked 6 different DHT22 sensors among 8 different esp d1 - I'm pretty sure that the problem is caused by some kind of misconception. On the one hand it might be some kind of wrong settings. On the other hand I've changed the connection of the sensor to another gpio port.

I had initial issues with the DHT22 which hasn't been rognized at all. ... 22-shield/
This is the article I followed - the only difference is, that I've connected the DHT from GPIO-2 D4 to GPIO-0 D3.

I couldn't find a documentation that explains if there are other functions of the d1 mini that are already connected with GPIOs. Before I start to solder the DHT22 I try to get more information about the gpios and/or if there might be other mistakes that I've run into.

All the best