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By Gromit_
#95324 Hello,
would it be posible to flash an ESP-12F with a D1 Mini? I know that it is posible with the NodeMCU board: ... th-nodemcu
But the D1 Nano doesn't have the pin EN to disable the chip.
I have read some comments that it could be posible but both boards would get flashed at the same time, what wouldn't be a problem.
Is it really posible and safe?
Thank you
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By Gromit_
#95338 I have been doing some tests and with the help from the Arduino forum (link) I came to this setup that seems to work:


Flash mode:
1. Move the switch to the left (GPIO0 to GND)
2. Press the reset button.
3. Click on upload in the IDE program in the computer to flash the ESP-12F.

Normal mode:
Switch in the right position (GPIO0 floating) => ESP-12F boats in normal mode and runs the code.

Any advice or suggestion are welcome!
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By QuickFix
#95342 I suggest you get yourself a FTDI board and flash it the old fashioned way; you don't want to mess with the half baked solutions like using Arduino UNO's and D1 mini's, especially when you're a newbie.

For what it's worth: In theory the procedure for using a D1 mini should be similar to that of a NodeMCU; the only real difference is that the ESP chip is not encapsulated inside a metal box. :idea:

Just my two cents.