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By atux_null
#95576 looking a way to build a doorbell for my shed. i was thinking to have a batteries operated nodemcu esp8266 with a button on the the entrance door, connect to my network and then a 2nd nodemcu with a buzzer (?) start playing a chime. At the same time send a Telegram message that somebody is on my front door (in case that i am away). So it will be like this
-nodemcu (A) with button at the door
-wifi coverage
-nodemcu (B) with the chime and telegram info.

i have found the guide on how to make the info arrive to Telegram like in ... -telegram/
but i have no idea how to make the nodemcu A send to nodemcu B the info and play a chime.

Any guides please?
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By bra1n
#95578 I use MQTT, however you do need an MQTT server (mine runs on a Pi). 'A' updates an MQTT topic when the doorbell rings and you can also set a 'Last Will' message so if 'A' fails (e.g battery goes flat) you can be notified. 'B' subscribes to the topic and takes suitable action when notified via MQTT.