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By magpa
#79290 this Is the first time for me in this forum and I do not know your rules. Please let me know what can i do as no expert of forum. For example i didn't find after half hour to go around how can I put a new topic? How I have to di before this and so on
Thanks for your help
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By schufti
#79380 first you should familiarize yourself with the structure of the board according to your interest e.g. Arduino core or LUA or bare espressif sdk ...
In the relevant subsection of the forum you are free to post in existing threads or open a new thread (topic) but please use boardsearch first to see if your question hasn't allready been answered before (even under a different aspect/name/wording). As "rookie" your posting in subsections will not show up immediate as a moderator has to screen it first for compliance with "general good manners".
other than that no special rules, so welcome to the ESP world.