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By fdrvhv
#80081 hello I have a esp8266 01 and a ESP01 Programmer Adapter . I connect DHT22 to esp program and program it and use programer voltage to input voltage of esp and it work correctly and send temperature correctly. but when replace esp on my owen bord. esp work but can't read DHT and send error reding DHT. I'm using lf33cv regulator for input voltage. I also test ams1117 and a voltage regulator module with 3 amper az input but it not work yet. can anyone say me whats the problem? thank you
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By Lenard van der Maas
#81526 Before I start I just want to say that I'm no electrician or engineer, this is just what I've read on the internet and what I remember from physics classes in high school.

I've read about putting a pull up resistor with a min of 4.7K and a max of 10K Ohm between the VCC and Data pin to make sure the readings will be correct.
Then I've also read that it could have to do with the voltage being too low. You could try supplying it with 5V instead of 3.3V, as 3.3V is the minimum given by the datasheets, but there have been reports that this is not high enough.

I want to apologize if this answer doesn't help you or if I'm totally wrong about this, but I hope it might help someone.