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By Matthew Wolf
#82792 Hi!
Im working on a project that includes a wemos d1 mini set to a wifi tcp server + running an MDNS to provide its address to the client if they are in a same DHCP LAN. These things works like a charm!
I also use the SD library together with these (SPI) that also works i can read write data to SD card.

The problem starts when i want to initalize a Serial communication with the Bluetooth device (hc-05)
The MDNS and the Wifi Server stops working making the client (an android smartphone) unable to connect to the Wemos.

So my guess is that it is not possible to use Wifi server + MDNS + SPI + Serial together? one of them couse a conflict.

I really need the Serial communication to communicate with 2 devices one would be a Bluetooth hc-05 and another would be a SIM800L gsm module.

Some expert opinion would be nice thank you.