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By rudy
It is not working, some time it does, but more often it doesn't!

Yeah, I know, probabily I'm missing something stupid.

How about telling us what is not working?

And if you can, include a good clear picture of the board and how you have it wired. Sometimes things are done schematically correct but functionally wrong.
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By beneventolorenzo
#83973 Hard to describe honestly! It runs fine for some times (a couple of hours I'd say) then it stop reading the correct temp (just returning -127.00 that as far as I know is an error code for the DS18B20) and looks like it is hanging or something! I can't even reset it at that point and I need to wait some times with the mini unplugged before being able of doing something again!
Here there are some pics of the board I made (the black/blue stuff on top is just some leftover of the blueprint foil).