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By Xavier Brites
#96236 Hello everyone from the ESP8266 community.
I am developing a final project for my computer science course and I am having a difficulty that I cannot overcome. Here I describe a brief text for you to understand the project and the problem.
I am building a weather station, all from scratch, with the DHT11 sensor, with the wind speed sensor and wind direction sensor, using the ESP8266 microcontroller to connect all the sensors. As I was developing the project I came across the situation that connecting the DHT11 was easy because it was just connecting to a digital input, but the wind direction and speed sensor were both digital, and the ESP8266, only has 1 analog output. To overcome this problem, I decided to buy a multiplexer, and add in digital inputs, analog inputs from it, but I'm having trouble making that connection all the way around.
I wonder if anyone can guide me and explain how the process works so that it goes well!

Thank you all!