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By Jono72
#96049 I'm not an expert but figured I would ask some experienced programmers for some help, I have a couple projects on the go that I have been working on for a long time, basically my first project uses ESP8266 it has a detailed web interface, I'm using this connected via WIFI using the websocket Library created by Links2004 on github, I have a page that has lots of data using websocket connection and I use get requests for initial page data loads, this all works nice, My second project however is where the problem lies, I am using the ESP8266 on a board that I have designed, I'm using the W5500 and the Ethernet2 library, Again my webpages work fins as does all other aspects, however I have tried to use the websockets library in this instance also, but of course it fails to connect. I can see that in the websocketserver.h file that because ESP8266 is defined the library uses or tries to use WIFI. In every instance I can find little or no direction to utilise the Websocket Server library with an ESP without using the WIFI (Incidentally I have this deactivated in my project), I have tried to modify the Websocket Server.h but of course that in itself includes the old Ethernet Library. I am therefore just asking if anyone has or can point me in the direction to get WebSocket Server Library working with ethernet2 and hard wired ethernet connection not WIFI.

By the way I'm not one of these guys that just expects somebody to solve my question, Im happy to spend time learning and trying to work it out, I've been trying to solve it for week and thought it just best to ask.

Kind Regards