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By eriksl
#82361 My experience on hardware level isn't quite bad. Either the Espressif guys know what they're doing, which is not really impossible of course, or they only packed together some modules from Cadence, which have proven to work already for other customers. Who knows...

The amount of connected hosts in a WLAN SSID is primarily limited by the access point, how many associations it allows. For ESP's ping to each other, it may be quite a small amount due to the limited size of the ARP table. But that can be worked around by configuring and compiling LWIP yourself.
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By Solomon Candy
#82371 I am wary of the ARP table size. And if you use the RTOS SDK, you compile LWIP from source anyways..
What if I told you that you still can't ping however many connected WLAN peers still? And the limit is quite small too.. I'll share it soon - am working on the test code.