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By Alan-bc
#84214 To keep a long story short, I need to email myself the current temperature.

To that end, I've took an ESP8266 board and connected up a Dallas One-Wire sensor. I've written a wee bit of code .. (actually, tweaked other people's code) .. to connect to my home WiFi, embedding the SSID and password in the code.

It works great! Press the rest button and within a few seconds, an email appears with the current temperature as read from the sensor.

However, I don't want to do this at home, I want to do it from a remote location.

Thankfully, there is free Open WiFi available at the remote location provided by the city (Vancouver, B.C.)

Sadly, that WiFi requires me to click "OK" to agree to the Terms and Conditions.

That is, when I select #VanWiFi using my notebook, a web browser is automatically started and a web page loaded that requires an "OK". I click OK and all is well.

So here's the question: Is it possible for an ESP8266 to "click OK" ?

Any hints appreciated. Any actual code really appreciated as I'm not much of a C programmer.