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#91297 Hi all. I am developing a home automation IoT solution and is searching answer to this problem. I have around 20 nodeMCUs and I use ThingsBoard to visualize the parameters separately from these devices. What I want to do is I want to interconnect 4 devices among each other and use one more to aggregate all data and send to ThingsBoard. There are some answers regarding wifi mesh connectivity and all, but I am not getting hang of it.
To summarize, I want to use 20 devices in such a manner that 16 would be collecting data in group of 4 and 4 separately would be sending data to ThingsBoard.
I want to achieve this as I am thinking to expand it to my whole society and it would need around 200 units. So, If I get hang of how to use 20, I would be able to expand it maybe.
Please help as I am stuck onto it from so many days.
My all devices are also running in deep sleep mode with 20 mins wake up interval.