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By moonchaser
#49242 I'm playing with the esp modules already several months. Now I like to use the spi module. I'm setting it up with
Code: Select allspi.setup(1,spi.MASTER,spi.CPOL_LOW,spi.CPHA_LOW,spi.DATABITS_8,4)

I analyzed the signals and it is working correctly (CS, SCK and MOSI, see pic.). The measured clock frequency is about 8MHz. I tried to change it by varying the last parameter, which I thought is clock_div, because it is too fast for my SPI slave. But it does not change anything. The clock stays at 8Mhz, what ever I tried.
To send 3 bytes I used
Code: Select allspi.send(1,14,192,72)

What am I doing wrong?