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By GeoNomad
alonewolfx2 wrote:Why you are using "node.dsleep(60000000-tmr.now())" ? -tmr.now for what?

In theory that subtracts the number of microseconds since startup so the repetition will be 60 seconds.

Not 60 seconds gap between measurements, as you have done.

In fact, a few microseconds more needs to be added as tmr.now() is not reset instantly. There is an extra boot time which may or may not be consistent 100%. That needs to be determined experimentally for each firmware release.

Right now it cycles in 58-59 seconds...
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By alonewolfx2
#8440 i saw something. its starting firmware upload mode when deepsleep mode crashing. i am using led on gpio0 maybe my problem solve with pull up resistor on gpio0. what do you think?

Edit: it have same issue with or without pullup resistor on gpio0