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By wolverine88pt
#32488 Hello, why my IPTV freezes when running this code?


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By muralha
#38946 Same here.
I have a dev kit 1.0 and every time I power it up, the IPTVs stop streaming after 30-75 sec.
Then after 30-60 sec, the IPTVs streams comes back on.
Then after 30 sec, it freezes again.
Then after 10-20 sec, the steam comes back and it's looking stable for a few minutes now.

I've tested with master and dev (today's) builds and both make the same problem.
btw, dev build with debug, doesn't show anything.

Does anyone knows what's going on?
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By devsaurus
#39057 There are reports that the default DHCP name that's being generated by Espressif's SDK can cause trouble for certain services in the local network: DHCP Device name contains illegal underscore in development build. Maybe that's the root cause of your issue.

You could try with the new wifi.sta.sethostname() to set a better DHCP name for your ESP. Do this before the wifi.sta.config() and wifi.sta.connect() commands. Also do not use the autoconnect feature of wifi.sta.config() and set it to 0.