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By Gelir Durum
#42701 Hi Everyone,
I am new here thats why if I made a mistake in topic or else I need your understanding. I have a problem with ESP8266 12E and 12F series about write commands. When I need to write a data to a file at internal memory of ESP8266 it only allows to around 6800 times with (w+) command. I am using both integer and float and lastest and previous firmwares but nothing changes. An example simple code is below. W,th ESPlorer I run the codes and when both test1 lua and test2 lua reaches to 3400 file system starts to reset the module. I only activate module by formatting it. If I use just one file it reaches around 6800 cycle of writing. With (a+) command and 2 files I only managed to write up to total 13600 number somehow. Then again an ESPlorer format is needed.
Any help would be appriciated. (I loaded firmware to the correct addresses thats why there is no flash address confilict I think)

tmr.alarm(6, 100, 1, function()

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By TerryE
#43747 There is an issue with the SPIFFS library. You might want to track Upgrade to current version of SPIFFS.