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By Pretcorr
#45420 I found a bug that makes the serial data in the UART not transmit

Im using these files

NodeMCU custom build by frightanic.com
branch: master
commit: c8037568571edb5c568c2f8231e4f8ce0683b883
SSL: false
modules: file,gpio,net,node,ow,tmr,uart,wifi
build built on: 2016-04-13 11:14
powered by Lua 5.1.4 on SDK 1.4.0

The code I use is

uart.on("data", 0, function(data)
end, 0)

According to the spec the bytes in buffer should be transmitted ie if there is 10 its sent but it does not do that. If I change the value to the value of bytes I expect then it fine. Cannot make it 100 because variable data beiing send and received.

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By xtal
#45426 uart.on("data", "\n",uartRX,0) This is what I'm using...
It waits for a callback when "\n" [carriage return] is received....
I think you are waiting for a callback,,,,,,
The only issue I have is the 256 RX buffer size you cannot change...... :cry: