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By Miroslaw Drdzen
capella_ben wrote:Hi All,

As a bit of fun I have implemented the Arduino RC522 library in LUA on the NodeMCU.


Herllo Ben, I have got some problems with that lib on nodemcu v3.

Could you check the GitHub or contact me on FB in order to clarify the source ?

I need only to read the UID of the card. and i'm using this MAIN

Code: Select all----------------------------------------------------------------------
-- Main

-- Initialise the RC522
spi.setup(1, spi.MASTER, spi.CPOL_LOW, spi.CPHA_LOW, spi.DATABITS_8, 0)
gpio.write(pin_rst, gpio.HIGH)      -- needs to be HIGH all the time for the RC522 to work
gpio.write(pin_ss, gpio.HIGH)       -- needs to go LOW during communications
RC522.dev_write(0x01, mode_reset)   -- soft reset
RC522.dev_write(0x2A, 0x8D)         -- Timer: auto; preScaler to 6.78MHz
RC522.dev_write(0x2B, 0x3E)         -- Timer
RC522.dev_write(0x2D, 30)           -- Timer
RC522.dev_write(0x2C, 0)            -- Timer
RC522.dev_write(0x15, 0x40)         -- 100% ASK
RC522.dev_write(0x11, 0x3D)         -- CRC initial value 0x6363
-- turn on the antenna
current = RC522.dev_read(reg_tx_control)
if bit.bnot(, 0x03)) then
    RC522.set_bitmask(reg_tx_control, 0x03)

--print("RC522 Firmware Version: 0x"..string.format("%X", RC522.getFirmwareVersion()))

tmr.alarm(0, 3000, tmr.ALARM_AUTO, function()

print("RC522 Firmware Version: 0x"..string.format("%X", RC522.getFirmwareVersion()))

    isTagNear, cardType = RC522.request()
    if isTagNear == true then
      err, serialNo = RC522.anticoll()
      print("Tag Found: "..appendHex(serialNo).."  of type: "..appendHex(cardType))
 end) --timer

And it is not working, I do not know why. I'm new to LUA, just understand the construction referring to the Arduino lib made by Miguel. So i will own you a beer for any suggestions.

Should I also add the:

Code: Select all -- halt tag and get ready to read another.
      buf = {}
      buf[1] = 0x50  --MF1_HALT
      buf[2] = 0
      crc = RC522.calculate_crc(buf)
      table.insert(buf, crc[1])
      table.insert(buf, crc[2])
      err, back_data, back_length = RC522.card_write(mode_transrec, buf)
      RC522.clear_bitmask(0x08, 0x08)    -- Turn off encryption

At the end of IF tag is near to be ready to get next tag ? and what if the tag persists in range of the reader ?
Mostly i would like to get the output only when new tag is there, and only ones per tag initiation.

I'm paying in beer if you have good will to throw me a bone :)


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By Miroslaw Drdzen
#59071 Waiting time for post approval on this forum is too long, problem was solved in a different way as normal no-one wants to loose time.
People on other forums have helped faster to solve the problem, The problem was in PIN naming.
The code was fine.

Good work Ben. and thank You.
Your port of Miguel's lib is beautiful :) it would be even better if the function names would be the same, but as you have ported fork , not source code. i assume that you have used the forked version function names.

Best regards.
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By vijay8642
#60211 I am facing a problem using the library. Two Questions...

1) I get a "panic - not enough memory at the start of the file". How do I reduce footprint?
2) What is the correct pin mapping between RC522 and ESP8266 (ESP-12E module)?