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By blavery
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a set of files to make it easy to assemble small ESP8266 projects. Small IoT projects with wifi are the natural fit for ESP8266.

Every project starts with a standard environment startup that includes:
1. A delayed startup to help escaping from broken software that can cause endless resets
2. Connection to your wifi point
3. Setting RTC to internet time

E Suite comes with a comprehensive set of over 20 drop-in "library" files extending the inbuilt NodeMCU functions. These are crafted to be minimal memory footprint.

    - Oled display? Servomotors? Pitch and roll from your accelerometer? Yes.
    - Deepsleep 12 hours with one line of code? Easy.
    - Want to communicate with Telnet, a WebBrowser, Thingspeak or MQTT? Covered.
    - Simply extend your GPIOs with more hardware digital or analog pins? Included.
    - And an enhanced stable version of Blezek's lua Blynk library. Blynk with ESP8266 is a winner.
    - All along with dozens of example "project" files, to see how easy it can be.

Picture the creation of your next ESP8266 project:
    1. The standard start/wifi/time environment is provided ready-to-go.
    2. Library files for many devices and scenarios are at hand with maybe one or two lines.
    3. Your "project" is likely reduced to a small file concentrating on just the kernel of what you are trying to achieve.