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By BlueAnt
#46647 @dpwhittaker, I have been using your Flashmod technique for almost a year and I think I am doing it correct. However after the calling of a flashed file, I do not get all the heap back. The effect is that as I keep calling functions the heap keeps on shrinking.
Is this what I should expext, or should the heap deminish by the size of the flash function loaded and restore to its value before the loading the function to the original heap available. It appears as if the loaded flash functions are not unloaded and stay in the heap.
Your feedback is appreciated.
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By Wwarrior
#58133 Hi everyone :)

I want to buy an LCD (based on SSD1306 driver) which would be working on attached soft. However, there are multiple versions of LCDs. And this is my simple question - is this software designed to work with 128x64 px? Or maybe another pixel size? I know that it can be easily changed in code, but I am a newbie in NodeMCU and LUA and it's somewhat difficult to me to recognize this. And can it work with one-colour or two-colour LCDs? Maybe someone know how to change this part of code to use both of kinds.

I am a new user and I probably missed these information. Please be understanding :)