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By alonewolfx2
zeroday wrote:Consider the constraint resources that ESP8266 has, only basic api added for now.
Am I missing something very useful?

show hidden ssid function on new sdk :) and baudrate change function can be usefull
and maybe readToEnd dunction for file operations
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By ThomasW
Code: Select allwifi.sta.getnetmask()

.. or maybe something like "wifi.sta.getinfo()" returning a table with all connection-related parameters

Code: Select allnet.socket:getremoteinfo()

.. or similar, returning ip/port of the peer

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By Hans174
#3158 Hello,

A memory module to read from and to write to the ES8266 would be fine.
One could then write drivers in LUA.

Code: Select allmemory.read(address)              -- returns the 32 bit value of the 32 bit address
memory.write(address, value)      -- writes the 32 bit value to the 32 bit address