Chat about current Lua tools and IDEs

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By mrluck
#75761 I’m glad to announce that new version of ESPresso is out (download link and details in the first post).

This is the first time when versions for all platforms are released at the same time. Additionally two platforms are available: Linux/i386 and Linux/armhf (request by JumpZero).

This release introduces many changes and improvements. Probably the most important among them is possibility to transfer any kind of file to the ESP (not only lua sources) as requested by AdrianM. On the local side you can now parse and even compile (on Linux) lua files prior to transferring them to your microcontroller. Please refer to the changelog for full list of changes in version

I hope that you’ll enjoy new ESPresso and it will make your work with NodeMCU and ESP8266 even more pleasant and efficient. As usual please feel free to write any comments here
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By mrluck
#78288 As the summer comes to an end it’s time for some ESPresso! New version is out (download link and details in the first post).

This is the very first version that allows not only uploading but also downloading any kind of files from your ESP module (as requested by users).

Also from now on all data transfers utilize NodeMCU object file model. Thanks to that ESPresso won't affect any other ESP application working with files (as long as it also uses object model).

ESPresso was tested with new ('complex') telnet script from NodeMCU Examples ( It works with it without any problem. Since ESPresso doesn't use excessive NodeMCU output (even during large file transfers) it works with the old, simple telnet script as well. Tests showed that transfer speeds are pretty much the same. Only directory listing seems to be much faster with the new script.

ESPresso package also contains a bit patched simple telnet script. Original one from Github cease transmission when an empty string ("" not nil) is about to be transfered. The one from ESPresso ESP directory (as well as the complex telnet script from NodeMCU) fixes that.

Just like last time versions for Windows (32 & 64 bit) Linux (amd64, i386 and armhf) are released at the same time.

All the changes are reflected in updated documentation which explains them in details.

Any feedback is appreciated. Have fun. :-)

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By jazzmonger
#79412 Really cool utility. I use it *A LOT**!!

However, I'm using ATOM as the IDE. It's the best one I've found so far as a somewhat novice programmer (but advanced chip/EE guy). I've been trying to find a way to use the build and upload feature in ATOM for the NODEMCU with no luck... everything is based on Arduino and I'm not interested in that approach.

it would be really cool if your little ESPressso app could accept command line args for launching tasks that could then be integrated into PlatformIO somehow so that the large number of folks who enjoy the simplicity of LUA and NODEMCU and not Arduino could benefit from ATOM's nice features like the amazing editor, project management,one click build and one click upload & run.

anyway, its nice to use your tool and is a good compromise right now. So much better than LUALoader and all the other command line tools.