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By mrluck
#69067 Hi everyone!

Thanks for all the feedback. I'm glad I've created a piece of software you find useful. That really encourages me to keep working on it.

fullstop wrote:Would you consider publishing the source on github? I understand if you are unwilling to do so, but it might encourage additional development.

Yes I would but I'm a bit perfectionist and I don't think the code is ready (pretty enough) to be open-source. But I'm working on it and I will probably publish it some day.

Duende wrote: After an upload of a changed file I have to restart the switch with the command node.restart() in order to start using the changed file. Maybe you can add a button in a next update of your program to do that for me and to reinitialize the connection with the ESP.

That sounded so reasonable for me that I decided to include the restart button it current version. I also added some flexibility to it. Please refer the (new!) documentation to find more details about this feature.

JumpZero wrote:But.. Can we have an Linux/ARM version (for Raspberry Pi)
or a Linux x86 32 bits

I'm going to include Linux 32 binaries in the next Linux release (should be in two weeks). I can't promise ARM version because I have to check if all the libraries I use work in this environment but I'll give it a try.

Anyway - please have a look at the new ESPresso version (v. for Windows).
This release catches up with changes that were already available in Linux ESPresso. Additionally NodeMCU firmware type autodetection (INT / FLOAT) was introduced to customise LuaSrcDiet commands. This should be useful for integer firmware users since default LuaSrcDiet settings may produce results unreadable for integer NodeMCU.
As mentioned above ESPresso now has configurable ESP reset button.

This edition includes new, extensive documentation (created with Sphinx) which is also available online. I spent some time on it and I hope it will be useful.

I also created project's own website to keep all the versions, docs and other stuff in one place:

Best regards,
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By Duende
#69482 Hello Lucas,
Yesterday I saw that you implemented a reset button in ESPresso to restart the updated device as I asked for. Thank you for that. Unfortunately the dynamic timer function does not work for me (tmr.create() gives a nil value error) and that's the standard setting. Maybe my firmware version is a little bit outdated, but I got it recently from
So it was a little bit of a puzzle to keep it running with a 0-6 timer, but the documentation helped me.
Thanks again for implementing this!
Regards, Edward