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By adoconnection
#57919 Hello everyone!

I recentry started exploring the world of ESP8266.
NodeMCU is great, but delivering lua code to esp is a pain.

I want to start new project – online IDE which will be able to update code on one or group of devices.
What do you think of it?

This tool will hel you to
  • edit end deploy code over the internet, no uart required
  • see device output and online / offline status
  • safely add startup tasks
  • update device when it wake up from deepSleep

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By adoconnection
#58208 Hello everyone!

So here is early stage prototype:

File editor:

Device output:

1. Create new build at
Master branch. Required modules: cjson, crypto, file, http, mqtt, node, websocket,wifi

2. Flash it to your ESP8266.
3. Using any file uploader tool upload following files: as init.lua as uplink2.lua

4. If you connect to your ESP over uart you will see setup wizard. Do not count on it too much :)

execute lines:
Code: Select allsettings = {} = {} = "yourWIFIname" = "yourWIFIpass" = nil
jsonString = cjson.encode("config.json", "w")

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By marcelstoer
#58244 A good idea. attempted the same or something similar a long time ago but it never took off.

For it to gain the trust of the community the code would have to be open-source, though.