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By limbo
#10111 Finally I did It!
I made a new utility for Lua scripts based on Lua Uploader by Hari Wiguna.
The main reason for this was because I had lot of problems with serial ports on my computer and unfortunately Lua uploader was not so stable on my system.

Selene is a simple tool similar to Lua Uploader with few additional functions such is customized buttons color customization on code windows etc.
I tried to create a friendly interface giving lot of options to the user.
Hopefully it will be useful for you too.
Selene ver.

Selene - Quick command buttons.jpg

This is the first public version so please be easy on me

You can download it from here:

UPDATE14. DEC.2.2020 version
Lots (really lots) of changes and improvements since last public release
Just use the download link to get the updated version!

UPDATE3 MAR.7.2015 version
A bunch of minor bugs fixed: The program is more stable under COM port disconnection issues.
Better interface: More customization options are available.
Speed improvements: Some tweak on serial port connection to communicate faster with the module.

UPDATE2 FEB.21.2015 version
Bug fixed: Better "Write to module" functionality.

UPDATE1 FEB.19.2015
Startup bug fixed.

Feel free to test it and leave me your suggestions and your ideas.
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By limbo
#10162 Adding more functions is always a possibility but first i want to check if the program is functional.
So it depends on feedback by users.

Yes requires .NET Framework version 4 or above. ... x?id=17851