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By 4refr0nt
#3410 luatool - simple way for loading "clear" lua file into NodeMCU flash memory.

New version 0.5 released

Main difference from drag-and-drop method on CoolTerm:
- not needed lines for open and close file:"init.lua", "w+"), file.close()
- you can use "clear" lua files, script automatically add wrapper construction "file.writeline([[" + file_string + "]])\r"
- luatool check NodeMCU answer after sending data



add new option -r, --restart : auto restart module, send command "node.restart()", after file load
add new option -d, --dofile : auto run, send command "dofile('file')", after file load
delete line "lua script loaded by luatool", lines number now equal lines number in original file
add 0.3 sec delay after write
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By alonewolfx2
#3414 Maybe you can explain how to usage your tool :) step by step.
Example: just send main.lua on com3 - f init. lua not working and help comment not enough.
I found right command after examine py code. - p com1 - f init. lua - t init.lua
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By gerardwr
#3419 I like it, reporting the progress of uploading is very informative.

I'm really pleased that my suggestions on v0.3 were implemented.

I've not done much testing with the new versions, but please allow me some further (minor) suggestions for improvement:
- when running print the version# of the tool , that may be helpfull when you get questions on the tool
- in main.lua you have good code waiting for a valid IP number. Why not use this code also in init.lua, would make it more "bulletproof".
- in main.lua you connect to a not very well-known website ( I think that using a well-known website ( might be better. Security, vulnerability,virus,blabla…..
- After the last output line (->ok) there's no CRLF, output looks like this:--->>> All down <<<---
Code: Select all->file.close() -> okMac-mini-van-gerard:ESP8266 gerard$

Thanks for sharing!