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By 4refr0nt
ok1cdj wrote:Great tool... I'm running on Linux Debian 64 bit.. I have problem with upload files to ESP. File is crated on ESP fs, but not content is uploaded and Esplorer say:
SendToESP: Waiting answer from ESP - Timeout reached. Send aborted.

I tried to play with timeout settings in app, but without succes...

Any idea how to solve the problem ???

Thank you...

Send me, please, ESPlorer.Log
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By 4refr0nt
hreintke wrote:LS,
Same issue here. Transfer to and from esp never succeeds.

BTW. Also looking for a way to "type a command"and send just that to the esp.
There is a tab snippets which might just do that but that is greyed out.


You can select any fragment of code and use "Send selected" in popup menu or tools button.
Try. also, send any command via right command box (and press right "Send" button)