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By uhrheber
4refr0nt wrote:ESPlorer use jSSC library for serial communications. This library contain C/C++ modules for several platform, not for all.

I know. As I said, I was just kidding, because you already support all major platforms, so little are left.
The situation with Android is even more complicated, as most Android devices don't come with drivers for common USB to serial bridges.
So you have to handle them as generic USB devices, and use your own routines to access them.
Which means a lot of work to the developer, especially if you want to support all of them. Some of them, like the now popular CH340,
seam to be completely unsupported.
Same thing goes for other USB devices, like USB sound adapters. Only special apps support them.
Android L is supposed to support USB sound devices, but I haven't heard anything about USB serial ports.
Maybe it works with CDC devices (which most USB to serial chips aren't).
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By uhrheber
#4923 p.s. I just noticed that there is a Ch341 driver (which covers also the CH340) in Google's Android sources.
It's just that most manufacturers don't include it. So if you have a rooted phone/tablet, it is possible to compile and add this driver.
But I guess it's a lot of work and not straight forward.
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By ok1cdj
#4933 Great tool... I'm running on Linux Debian 64 bit.. I have problem with upload files to ESP. File is crated on ESP fs, but not content is uploaded and Esplorer say:
SendToESP: Waiting answer from ESP - Timeout reached. Send aborted.

I tried to play with timeout settings in app, but without succes...

Any idea how to solve the problem ???

Thank you...