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By retiredfeline
#90619 As I understand it, Lua 5.1 doesn't support native bitwise operators like & and |. However it can be worked around by including the bit module, but then the syntax becomes something like, b) and bit.bor(a,b). I have confirmed that this works by trying these functions on the command line of my ESP8266.

Lua 5.3 supports native bitwise operators, but I don't see a way to instruct to build 5.3 based firmware. Is it possible?

I would prefer to use the 5.3 native bitwise operator syntax for compatibility with my host machine's Lua. If necessary I can do builds on my own PC, I have the toolchain and a clone of the NodeMCU git repo. But I'm hoping to be lazy and use

Thanks, and sorry if this is already answered somewhere that I didn't find with a search.
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By TerryE
#92606 The online documentation explains how. Alternatively use the Cloudbuilder referenced in the docs.