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By vivekb
#56004 Hi

I am new to ESPs and have run into a bit of a problem. Hope you can help.

I used this cloud build service and selected the following modules:

bit, gpio, mdns, mqtt, net, node, pwm, sigma_delta, sntp, tmr, uart, wifi. It was build against the master branch.

I used the nodeMCU flasher to flash my ESP8266-01. I first downloaded the SDK patch and extracted esp_init_data_default.bin from there. I then flashed the bin file at 0x7c000.
Then, I flashed the custom built file (float) at 0x00000 location. However, when I power it on, I get continuous junk data on UART. Same happens with the integer version also.

What am I doing wrong or am I missing some important step? Can the custom built be used for ESP-01?

Thanks a lot
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By marcelstoer
pstryk wrote:Is there a specific way that the device should be flashed with custom firware?

Study ... g-firmware or ... g-firmware depending on whether you're on the master branch or on the dev branch.