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By idare
#66395 Hello there!

first of all i'd like to point out that i am a very beginner with ESP8266. I am trying to set up some smart house things, started few weeks ago.

I've ordered 2 ESP 8266 from Aliexpress:

1st: ... 0.0.R7CoGf

and 2nd one: ... 0.0.R7CoGf

I was "playing" with examples until i've got some sensors. At first they both have been working fine, but after some time it seems that my ESPs refuse to upload the sketch. these are my settings:

and this is the error i am getting:

it seems that i am able to upload the sketch for like x times, but after that, i am unable to upload the sketch for xxx times... it really is annyoing.

Can somebody help me?
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By TerryE
#67334 Hi. You are writing in C using the Arduino IDF. This is a Lua forum, and is the wrong place to ask this Q :(