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By vangalvin
#83114 So here is a thought, I have a project I am working on and will have no access to the system at all other than via internet from time to time given the units installed location. I will from time to time be pushing system updates.
Now as we know we can do all the testing in the world and just once in a while something screws up and we are left with a non functional system.

What I was thinking is if I have maybe a Nano or something similar sitting in the same housing that every hour or so wakes up from deep sleep and asks the NodeMCU if it is online. If its not then it will trigger a reset on the NodeEMU. if that fails is will upload the last working firmware to the NodeMCU and reset all the settings back to a default (working) condition.

I tried to do a search and did not find anything similar or anyone who had attempted such a thing but am wondering if the best option would be to just strap the USB ports for this or if there is another way to do it?

Feedback and ideas would be greatly appreciated.

And no, once the unit is deployed there will be no way to get to it physically.